Yachak llama

“Yachak llama” is a robot with a Peruvian identity, his goal is to be able to encourage people who start in the world of robotics and in the Raspberry Pi community.



Hi, Allwiya kamay here!! We made up of young people united by curiosity and passion for Raspberry Pi. So when we found out PiWars 2021, we didn’t miss the chance to request our participation. With the perfect mix our skills, talents and opinions, Allwiya Kamay without wasting time set off to start the theme and name of our robot, resulting in Yachak Llama (Wise llama).

◭Name: Jannina Cop
◭Group role: Project Manager and external design.
◭Fun fact: My favorite type of art is visual, I love drawing, painting and design.
◭Inspirational quote: “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once they grow up.”
◭Favorite food: Everything about seafood.
◭They are more likely to: Work hard at what I am passionate about.
◭What excites you the most about PiWars: It is the first opportunity I have to participate in an international competition, so i want to enjoy working hard and having fun in the way.


◭Name: Luchin
◭Role at group: Logistic Manager (it means I buy the lunch)
◭Fun Fact: My favorite movie is Poseidon
◭Inspirational Quote: If you want to make the world a better place
Take a look at yourself, and then make a change.
◭Favourite pizza topping: hawaiian pizza !
◭Most likely to…: be sleepy
What you’re most excited about for PiWars: Know the level of the others


Name: Merc
Role on the PiWars team: Pet the llama
Fun Fact: Engineer by day and Tech Youtuber by night
Inspirational Quote: “Vive la vida y no dejes que la vida te viva” by S.D
Favorite food: Pollito a la brasa con su gaseoson
Most likely to…: be surfing the internet
What you’re most excited about for PiWars: show what i am capable of


Name: Brianbot
Group role: PCB designer
Fun fact: What I touch, explodes Boom!
Inspirational quote: “… I am inevitable”
Favorite food: Ceviche with Tortita de Choclo!
It is more likely that …: burn some component of the robot
What excites you most about PiWars: demonstrating the skills and strength of a Llama


Name: Jose CP
-Group function: software development analyst
-Funny fact: I love listening to music, and also making music.
Inspirational quote: Never say you can’t do it.
-Favorite food: Ceviche and chocolate cake
-I’m more likely to do: learn new things by surfing the internet
-What excites you most about PiWars: Increasing my knowledge by exchanging knowledge with other people.


Name: Richard M. Ñope
Group role: Python programmer
Fun fact: I love to sing and play guitar
Inspirational quote: one more day is one less day
Favorite food: ceviche
I am more likely to do: integrate my knowledge by doing projects
What excites you the most about PiWars: It is my first opportunity in this type of competition, I hope to do my best.

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