About us

We are a peruvian team made up of six young university students and bachelor of science. Almost all of us, we are interested and excited by the robotic environment and sustainable technologies.

Why we want be part of Pi Wars 2021 at Home ?

To expand our knowledgment in Raspberry Pi using a dynamic method .

We want to make our country to reference in robotics.

We want to spread our culture so that it is known worldwide

Why we chose a llama?

We chose to build a robot with a structure similar to a “llama” animal because it has characteristics and actions analogous to our robot.
One of the similar characteristics is that the llama spits and the robot shoots darts. It also is strong and resistant to all environments just like our robot.


Allwiya Kamay = Technology

Yachack Llama = Wise Llama

Quechua –> English

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