The First Yachak Llama’s evaluation

During the event held by the Municipality of Lima, on December 10, 2020, in the II Latin American STEAM Tournament the robot “Yachak Llama” was presented in the category “Pi Wars Latin America”, which overcame the 3 proposed challenges.

In the first challenge “DIY Obstacle Course”, the robot is shown crossing a thin path formed between two straight pieces of wood, thus demonstrating good wheel alignment and control. Another proof of this is that he was able to pass openly on a board to cross a mini cliff and continue with the whole adventure of the journey around the house.

-First Prototype on the begging of the way-

One of the robot’s abilities is to dodge obstacles and make turns in tight areas.

-Turns around satisfactory on the garden-

It demonstrated his prowess by moving smoothly on a dirt track and making turns without any problems.


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